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I am happy to help you in a


What is Branding

Maintaining a consistent visual identity across all of your presentations,
marketing materials, website and social media posts.


Consistency helps to build trust with your clients because they see your brand or service frequently online and on paper. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. With a consistent presentation they know you mean business and you might be the best solution for their problem.


Your clients instantly know who you are when they see your logo, slogan and colours. To reach this level of recognition, your business presentation has to be consistent.


To stand out in your area of expertise, what your brand or business is and stands for has to be imprinted in your clients mind. Clients are using metal shortcuts and a awareness of your business in a overwhelming marketing world can increase a buying decision among your ideal clients.

Custom Branding and Webdesign


To develop and create your new branding in a smooth and efficient manner,
I am introducing a 3-week process aiming at facilitating the design process.
During this time, I will be working closely with you on your visual identity.

Preparation of the Brand & Shine Custom Branding and Web Design Package



Preparation of the Brand & Shine Custom Branding and Web Design Package

21 days creation

21 days creation

Preparation of the Brand & Shine Custom Branding and Web Design Package

Custom Branding & Website

Result: Custom Branding and Website

You can rest assured that you will have everything in place after 21 days
— a brand new look and feel for your Brand!

Then let the magic of a good branding work for you:
it is time for your business to shine and prosper!

What you get!

›› Creation ‹‹


A Design Manual with colors, logo, fonts, brand elements.


Stationery and marketing materials
(business cards, letterhead, thank you cards).
Introduction of Canva as an online software to use for maintaining consistency across all media.


One page website and Landing page for your lead collection. Based on a WordPress template and responsible on all devises.

File sharing, final meeting and tutorial

›› Guidance and Coaching ‹‹

Within your business tasks, designing, launching and growing your business, it can be hard to find the time and commitment to think and realize what branding can do for your business. And that’s where coaching comes in.


Sometimes you will be inspired from an outside perspective and that is what we are doing here, inclusive checklists and suggestions for the next steps.

This package is for you if ...

You are ready beating the odds of endless design projects and hasty decisions,
which end in confusing messages and inconsistent branding

You like to step your business up to the next level visually,
but don’t know where to start

Your visual identity momentarily is not matching
the quality of your business

You’re seeking a visual identity that sets you apart
from others in your industry

You agree that an consistent, intentional and cohesive brand
will help you to attract your ideal clients

You’re ready to invest time into a distinctive and memorable
brand identity which will help you to stand out

Introductory Price
USD 1,750 // GBP 1,200

You are in good hands

Educated in Germany at Anhalt University in Applied Science (Department of Design) with the heritage of The Bauhaus (First design school founded 1920) and strong with 16 years’ experience as Graphic and Screen Designer and Art Director.

I am an enthusiastic person who prides herself on the ability to think outside the box. Now with Brand & Shine I assist businesses in reaching the next step in growth through professional brand strategy and elegant and unique design solutions.

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Here is what we will do together
in this valuable session:

· Get really clear on your brand goals both short term and long term
· I will diagnose the biggest obstacles that are stopping you
· Tell you exactly what you should focus on to move forward
· My best recommendation for strategy and next steps you should take
· My honest evaluation of what is possible for your big picture based on your skills and goals

Thank you for requesting a complementary session! I will send you login details for a Skype session after we have set up a time. I'm looking forward to our meeting, Susanne ... Your Brand Designer