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Step into your Power and unleash your Natural Confidence to create life your way

Get your “Breakthrough-to-yourself”
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with Susanne and get to the roots of yourself,
experience how to shift thinking
from “terrified” to “joy & greatness”

Hi, I’m Susanne Schaumkelle

Known as “The Queen of Confidence”

Hired by Professionals and Business Owners
to increase their natural confidence to unlimited potential
with Grace & Style.

Resulting in finding back to their true self and authentic essence. Presenting themselves unforgettable in a visual way with a cheerful attitude. Making more money and having more impact with their voice and business.

Take a front row seat in your life.
Here’s How To Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Professional and Business Owner with Grace & Style, To Get More Clients, Help Them Better, Make More Money, & Make a Bigger Difference.
Starting Right Now…
Eliminate Blockages
Clearing all the energetic blockages, related to self-doubt, fear and anxiety, that prevent you from embodying your true essence 
Understand Confidence
Understand what confidence is, where it comes from and what extreme confidence can do for you and your business
Let it Go
Finally get over the “need to be perfect” being a Professional or Business Owner (rich, married, thin, & no problems at all – is an unreasonable standard we tend to measure ourselves by)
Terror Barrier
Break through any terror barrier and experience lightness and clarity
Master Techniques and Tools
Master techniques and tools to dramatically increase your confidence as a Professional or Business Owner
Learn 2 fast acting ways to immediately double or triple your confidence
Design your Life
Be able to define your life to a degree that you want to design your experience and not to live on autopilot
Prepare Yourself
Enjoy unfolding your desired life and business in front of you through step-by-step plans, creative thinking and solution processes
Visual Branding
Step into your true self and create a visual branding, which presents authenticity and gives you that unforgettable twist

You are going to discover how to live confident, unstoppable and successful in changing the way how you think about yourself, to grow as a person with your life and challenges and how to create the supportive environment to thrive.

That is a 180 degree turn! Your best time to shine is right now.

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